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Film Fest

September 13.–15. / 2019



Kokkola Kino Fest is an event which celebrates cinema and invites city dwellers and cinema lovers to spend a week-end together before the descent of kaamos, the polar night.

The week-end is dedicated to films, to watching and discussing them. The First Kino Fest will offer i.a. interesting talks, Italian films, night-time cinema, concerts and musicals. One of the guests for this first Kokkola Kino Fest will be the Finnish film director Markku Pölönen. Final programme will be published in August.

The Fest is organised by the Kokkola Kino Society, founded in spring 2018 to continue the work in film education started by FilmClub Outolempi. The artistic director of the festival is film director Juho Kuosmanen.

If you wish to help in organising the event or to otherwise co-operate with the organisers, please get in touch with Kokkola Kino Society. ︎


Buy tickets!

Tickets: 8€ / show

Tickets are sold from the festivaloffice in Kokkola from 4.9.2018, and can be also reserved by e-mail: